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Welcome to my website!

It is nice to have you here. My name is Amanda, and I am a child and family therapist with experience in helping children overcome a wide range of emotional and behavioural challenges. I believe that every child is unique and has the potential to heal and grow through play.

As a child-centred play therapist, my approach is based on the belief that children have an innate ability to express themselves and work through their challenges through play. During our sessions, I create a safe and nurturing environment where your child can explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences through play. And I work collaboratively with parents, teachers, and other professionals to ensure that each child receives the support they need to thrive.

Thank you for considering my services. Please, feel free to explore my website to learn more about play therapy and how it can benefit your child and family. 

"Birds fly, fish swim, children play." - Garry Landreth

Benefits of
play therapy

Play therapy is a therapeutic approach that uses play to help children work through emotional, behavioural and mental health challenges. Play therapy allows children to express themselves, manage their emotions and build positive relationships in a safe and supportive environment. Children can explore their feelings and experiences through play, developing coping skills and problem-solving abilities.

Encourages creativity and imagination

Helps to improve self-esteem and confidence

Helps to improve the child's relationships with others

Improves communication skills and emotional regulation

Helps children develop problem-solving and decision-making abilities

Helps to address anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and behavioural problems


Empower your
child through play.

My Goal

My goal is to help your child develop coping skills, build self-esteem, and improve their overall well-being. Through our work together, your child will learn to express their emotions healthily, develop problem-solving skills, and develop greater self-awareness.

I understand that seeking therapy for your child can be difficult, and I aim to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your child's needs and answer any questions you may have about the therapy process.

Why should you consider your child in therapy?

Children can also experience mental health concerns like adults, such as anxiety, depression, behavioural problems, and trauma. These issues can impact a child's ability to function at school, at home, and social situations. Therapy can provide a safe and supportive environment for children to explore and address these concerns, allowing them to develop coping skills, resilience, and emotional regulation.

Life transitions such as moving to a new city, changing family dynamics, or the loss of a loved one can be difficult for children to navigate. Therapy can help children process these changes, providing them with tools to cope with difficult emotions and adjust to new circumstances. By working through these transitions in therapy, children can build their resilience and develop a positive outlook on the future.

Children can sometimes exhibit behavioural concerns that can cause disruptions in their lives and the lives of those around them. These concerns can range from difficulty focusing at school to aggressive behaviours. Therapy can help children identify the underlying causes of these behaviours, develop new coping strategies, and learn new skills to manage their emotions and behaviours.


Thank you for contacting me. I will reach out as soon as possible!

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